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What is Mobile Marketing - Types, Tools, Strategy & Tips


Mobile Marketing: DigiDwar

Meeting the customer where they are is one of the foundations of any successful marketing strategy. Since mobile devices are where most customers can be found in today's digital world, traditional methods of advertising have had to adapt and change to meet the needs as well as preferences of a mobile audience. Even so, not every marketing solution includes the mobile marketing tools and mobile marketing campaigns that a business may require. E-commerce businesses, for example, will require a marketing strategy that differs from that of a traditional retailer. That’s why mobile marketing courses are important so that one can learn each and every aspect of mobile marketing in digital marketing and learn the importance of mobile marketing for businesses.

What is Mobile Marketing?

The process of promoting and advertising to consumers through the use of smartphones and tablets is known as mobile marketing in digital marketing. To deliver more appropriate and timely ads, mobile advertising strategies typically make use of mobile device features like push notifications or location awareness. According to the data, mobile devices account for a sizable and growing portion of online activity. Globally, there are more than 6 billion mobile phone users, with subscriptions expected to increase by "several hundred million" in the coming years.

How does Mobile Marketing Work?

Mobile marketing includes promotions sent through text messages, multimedia messages(MMS), apps, in-game marketing, and some other means. Users are notified based on their geographical location by location-based services as well as proximity systems. Customers use mobile phones to contact businesses in mobile marketing. According to statistics, 80% of customers own smartphones. If potential customers are already online, businesses must go online as well. The only task of services and products is to get their products in front of customers.

Mobile marketing also includes "snacking," which is a brief period during which mobile users check messaging or media on their phones. Mobile marketing is about creating content that users find enjoyable and simple to follow.

Types of Mobile Marketing

Following are the various types of mobile marketing:


SMS advertising is one of the oldest methods of mobile marketing in which you send messages to potential buyers' phone numbers.


One of the most traditional forms of mobile marketing is multimedia messaging service (MMS). In this case, mobile media marketing is done through the delivery of timed slides of images, audio, video and text.

Push Notifications

Another type of mobile marketing is push notifications. It helps brands to communicate their messages to potential customers in a simple and effective manner. If used for a longer period of time, this method is less expensive than SMS marketing, but it may be costly in the short term.

App-based advertising

It is now widely known that people use their mobile apps on a daily basis. Every day, a large number of apps are downloaded onto mobile devices because of which app marketing has become easy. Google app store is the most popular as well as market leader. According to reports, Android smartphones are the clear winners in case of mobile app downloads. This introduces a lot of opportunities for direct engagement, targeting the right customers, and generating revenue through app marketing.

In-game Mobile Marketing

People of all ages enjoy playing games on their mobile devices. This is a significant platform for directly engaging with our target audience. While playing the game, various types of advertisements such as banner and pop up image advertisement video ads can be displayed at the beginning, middle, or end of the game.

Search Advertising

These are provided as extra add-on extensions like click2call; search advertising, which is primarily used by search engines such as Google, Microsoft, and MSN, among many others.

QR Codes

QR codes are mostly found on mobile gaming websites. Users scan QR codes with their mobile cameras and are directed to the site to which the QR code is linked.

Mobile Images

Images are used as an essential tool in mobile marketing; advertisements are placed in various places on the website, such as the header, footer, or as an image pop-up.

Mobile Marketing Tools


Buffer is a social media management app for multiple accounts. This mobile marketing platform primarily allows you to schedule text, image, and other media posts on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Data analysis is not a problem because the app will generate a detailed report on it.

AdMob by Google

AdMob is a Google app for in-app advertising and a great mobile marketing platform. It displays various ads in your target application to users who should also be your target market. The app will also provide you with detailed analytics for tracking the performance of your ads.


Boostfy is an Instagram AI tool that likes and follows accounts based on the hashtags you use in your posts. It can also connect you with people in the same industry as you, allowing you to form partnerships.


Do you seek support with your marketing strategy? GetResponse is the app to use for this. It is a tool that revolves around reactions that are dependent on your users' actions. For example, if someone abandons your cart, you will automatically send them an email. It can monitor various data flows in and out of your website.


SlickText's output is an SMS marketing list. It is simple to send text messages to your existing and potential clients. You will assign a keyword to which your users will text to subscribe. They will then be added to the messaging list and will start receiving all of your marketing text messages.


Localytics is an app that creates better experiences and increases engagement. The app will generate all information about your audience, providing you with a wider perspective on how to target people with your marketing strategy. Messaging and notifications are among the most simple and direct ways to interact with your audience. You will also be given a report that contains all of the results.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook Mobile Ads is a Facebook ad creator and manager. It is a smart decision to place ads on Facebook because many people use this social media platform which can also be a good mobile marketing platform. This tool shows various types of advertisements.

Mobile Marketing Strategy and Tips

Following are the mobile marketing tips and strategies:

Marketing based on location

If your business has a mobile app, you can market to smartphones in a specific area using location-based marketing techniques such as geofencing. This mobile marketing strategy is particularly beneficial for small businesses with physical locations. It is also useful for ecommerce sites that provide local recommendations, such as food delivery as well as travel services

Segmenting your list and sending targeted messages to specific groups is one way to personalise your email content. Using dynamic content is another way to personalise your promotional emails. Dynamic content is an email element that changes depending on the recipient.

Responsive site design

You would like to have your website, mobile ads, as well as marketing content to be mobile optimised, not just mobile friendly. Mobile website optimization can triple your chances of increasing mobile conversion rates to 5% or higher, but only 35% of businesses use it. Almost half of all mobile-optimised websites use responsive design.

Advertisements on social media

Though email is still the most widely used marketing platform, social media has emerged as an essential marketing channel for businesses to consider. Although you should set up a profile on each of the widely used social media platforms, you do not have to use them all to promote your business as a mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Friendly Content

This is one of the most important mobile marketing tips as generally mobile optimization refers to components of your site's infrastructure. This is not the same thing as being mobile friendly. Consuming content on mobile devices varies from doing so on a desktop computer. Engaging headers, shorter sentences, as well as relevant media, such as high-quality images and videos, are ideal. People are more likely to scroll content, so make it simple for them to do so.

Voice search optimization

People are more frequently using voice search as smart devices with voice capabilities are common nowadays. Over half of all households worldwide own a voice-enabled device.

Marketing through text message

Giving people the option to turn in to future text message campaigns is the first step towards a successful text message mobile marketing campaign. Three-quarters of users have no problem receiving SMS messages from businesses they like, and 90% of those messages are read within three minutes. That means text messages have extraordinarily high open rates.

GIFs and videos

The days of reading wordy messages in your inbox are over. People prefer amusing and appealing content, which makes videos and GIFs prime candidates for enhancing mobile strategies.

On-site and in-app help and support

Customer experience is one of the most effective ways to keep customers. One method for enhancing their experience is to provide easily available support.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

There are various mobile marketing advantages and disadvantages but compared to mobile marketing benefits, its disadvantages are much less.
Following are the benefits of Mobile Marketing:

Fast Results
Since smartphones are so portable, many people keep one with them at all times. We can't leave the house without them. That means our phones will start ringing as soon as the searched things are available. You can track and keep up with all that is going on in your company from the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Phones have evolved to become one of the most useful tools in modern business. It can now hold anything, including credit cards left in the car as well as coupons left on the counter. Have you forgotten where you purchased a product? You can find out using your phone's Internet connection. With so much information available, a potential buyer can easily locate and purchase your goods.

User Response Monitoring
With mobile marketing, users' responses can also be easily tracked. To figure out the success of your new ad, for example, you can easily check product reviews or count how many people have seen it. You can also see how many visitors came to a specific website page and how long they stayed.

Simple Mass Communication
Many people nowadays use mobile-only social networks. Mobile marketing profits the seller by allowing them to reach a larger audience via social media, messaging, alerts, as well as other channels. This allows a wider audience to learn about the products you're selling or advertising.

Mobile marketing improves search engine rankings
Some of the Internet's most popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, will boost a website's search rankings if it is mentioned on other social media platforms, like Twitter or Facebook. When you link your website to Twitter, for example, both your Twitter as well as your website will appear whenever anyone searches for it. As a result, when your company is mentioned through mobile marketing, it is more likely to be recognised.

Mobile Advertising is portable
Phones have been described as highly addictive. Few people would dare to leave their homes without it because it is so convenient and easy to use. This means you can send an ad to everyone on the planet from anywhere on the planet. To place an ad, you don't need to spend time in an office or even have one. You could do it while sitting on the sofa at home seriously considering it.

With the expected rise in mobile usages, those who use it for marketing will actually benefit. Mobile Marketing course is highly beneficial and DigiDwar provides one of the best mobile marketing courses in Delhi. This Mobile app marketing course keeps you up to date on mobile marketing trends as well as prepares you to learn the most effective methods for interaction with mobile consumers through mobile marketing campaigns.

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