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What is Affiliate Marketing: Types, Platforms, Tips, Benefits

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: DigiDwar

The $12 billion affiliate marketing industry provides a great opportunity to make money online. Aside from being flexible as well as low-risk, this online business model has little to no startup costs. Understanding the fundamentals of affiliate marketing will help you set reasonable expectations and minimise affiliate marketing blunders when starting your own business. This affiliate marketing guide will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing for beginners, from picking a niche to tracking your online success.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the method of earning a commission by promoting the product of another person (or company). You find a product you like, promote it to your target audience, and earn a percentage of the profit from each sale. It's similar to earning a commission as a salesperson, except you don't work for the company. Instead, it's similar to receiving a bonus for referring a new customer to the company.
In other words, when you support another company in increasing sales, you receive a commission. The best part is that you don't have to spend time or money developing your own products since somebody else has already done the necessary work.

What is Freelancing in Digital Marketing?

Freelancing in digital marketing is any digital marketer who runs their own business to assist the client. Since the category is broad, it can contain all types of marketing that are currently in use. Any given digital marketing freelancer's day-to-day work can be completely different. Some freelance digital marketers and digital media consultants specialise in developing brand strategies. Others may collaborate with in-house teams to create ads for those campaigns. Most digital marketers work with clients on a daily basis and communicate with them on a regular basis.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Freelancing in Digital Marketing


Both options are scalable. However, because there are more methods and products to promote, the scalability of affiliate marketing is slightly higher. Furthermore, there are numerous methods for earning different streams of passive income through affiliate marketing. To increase your pay as a freelancer, you must either raise your rates or complete more tasks.


Affiliate marketing & freelancing in digital marketing both have contracts. They both function differently as a contract is usually required for freelancing in digital marketing. It is exclusively between you and a client. Your pay rate, work description, restrictions, delivery dates, as well as other relevant details may be required under this contract. On the other hand, a company may not even ask you to agree to an affiliate programme agreement in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is very Passive

Affiliate marketing, particularly with a blog, can be more passive than freelance work. With affiliate marketing, you do all of the work up front and then enjoy the rewards later. For example, an article you write today could generate profits for you for many years to come.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Three main types of affiliate marketing are as follows:

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

These are basic pay-per-click affiliate marketing campaigns in which you have no presence or authority in the product niche. There is no connection between you and the end user, and all you are doing is placing an affiliate link in front of a consumer via Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and so on in the hopes that they will click on your link, buy the product, and you will earn a commission as building a reputation and trust with specific groups of people online takes time.

Related Affiliate Marketing

Another type of affiliate marketing is Related Affiliate Marketing. This is where you have an online presence, whether it's a blog, a podcast, videos, or social media and you have affiliate links to products related to your market segment that you don't actually use. Placing affiliate links related to your niche on your website is a good way to earn extra money. People will trust you and your decision to place the ad on your site, whether it's in the sidebar as a banner or as a text link at the bottom of your blog post, since you've got a website and some authority.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves using a product or service, believing in it, as well as personally recommending it to your audience. Not in a banner ad or somewhere that says "recommended resources," but as part of your life or strategy for whatever you're talking about.

Trust and authenticity are the foundations of these types of affiliate marketing. The same is true for how we should interact with our audiences. Hence, you can decide which type of affiliate marketing suits you. We at DigiDwar will help you get deep practical knowledge about these types of affiliate marketing for beginners.

7 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Amazon Associates

Amazon.com is one of the most well-known names in the world of e-commerce today. The online shopping site that sells almost everything was founded in 1995 with the sale of books. Amazon's affiliate marketing programme is one of India's highest-paying affiliate marketing platforms due to the wide variety of products available on the site.

Flipkart Affiliate

When it comes to online shopping, many Indians prefer to shop from Flipkart over Amazon. Since there are more people wanting to buy from it, Flipkart affiliates will have an advantage over other affiliate marketing platforms in the future. Furthermore, adding Flipkart ad banner ads to your website can help you earn a 12% commission on every purchase made through your link. Flipkart, like Amazon, does not charge a fee to sign up.

VCommission Affiliate

VCommission Affiliate is among the oldest affiliate marketing platforms, with over 18,000 affiliates. Due to its CPA offers, it has gained popularity in India. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It describes all of the details and requirements that an affiliate must meet during marketing. Furthermore, Vcommission has a large network that is linked to several well-known E-Commerce names such as Myntra and Snapdeal. As a result, you can promote a wide range of marketing and digital solutions.


Admitad is the ideal global affiliate marketing platform if you are looking for one. Its affiliation with major global brands such as Samsung and Tata Cliq provides numerous entry points into the affiliate marketing industry. Furthermore, it allows its publishers to monetize their content. This includes monetizing social media communities as well as email newsletters.

Cuelinks Affiliate

Cuelinks affiliate is one of the simplest affiliate marketing platforms to use. Aside from having over 400 advertisers, it has features like affiliate links are automatically inserted. Assume you're going to write about kitchen appliances in India. In this case, it would add an affiliate link to a related product without your interference. For those who use WordPress, you could get free access to a WordPress plugin that will make the task even easier.


DGM is one of India's most well-known digital advertising networks. With a 12-year history in the digital marketing industry, it is without a doubt one of the top affiliate marketing platforms in India. You get to pick which campaigns you want to work on. Aside from commissions, you are also rewarded with bonuses for exceeding profit targets. However, not all advertisers will offer you the same rates.

Shopify Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing for beginners is a simple process with the Shopify Affiliate Program. It is one of the finest affiliate marketing platforms, particularly if you have no marketing experience. This is because it is affordable, quick to start and easy to use.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Following are the benefits of affiliate marketing which will tell you all the advantages of affiliate marketing for beginners:

It is a financially rewarding industry

In such a broad field, it's relatively simple to look for products which you can actually use, believe in, and honestly promote to your audience. That type of involved affiliate marketing, where you actually believe in what you promote, has been tested and proven to give the best results, especially in terms of commissions.

It's a low-investment business opportunity

Have you always wished to start your own business but have never been able to save the necessary funds? Affiliate marketing for beginners is the solution to their problems.

Affiliate marketing does not require any experience

One of the most helpful benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to be an affiliate marketing expert to be successful. Not right now. In this field, practice makes perfect. You can choose which campaigns to test and which learning method to use to improve your trade.

It's helpful as a secondary source of income

Affiliate marketing does not require you to leave your job. At least, not unless you want to. It can be a side hustle for you to earn extra money.

Flexibility and Convenience

Affiliate marketing, like most passive income opportunities, allows you to work when and where you want. You have the freedom to work on a flexible schedule as well as the environment of your choice. You won't even have to deal with any after-sales customer issues.

The tools and techniques available to you are limitless

There are various ways to market the affiliate programmes of your preference. You can advertise it on your blog, design online courses, and then advise to purchase it. You can also use affiliate emails to promote it. When marketing, you should also consider using social media.

These benefits of affiliate marketing intrigues the beginners to learn more about this field and start making money through affiliate marketing. DigiDwar will give you deep understanding of all the advantages and benefits of affiliate marketing.

Basic Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Following are the basic tips for affiliate marketing for beginners. With this they can learn the basics about affiliate marketing strategies.

Choose a Market segment
The first of all the steps and tips for affiliate marketing strategies is to identify a segmented target audience and market, also known as a niche.

Choose a Platform
After deciding an affiliate niche, the very next step is to choose a platform to publish your content on. The two main methods used to start affiliate marketing are through social media or personal websites.

Make a Website
An affiliate site is the centre to all of your affiliate marketing content, which allows you to highlight extra promotional materials.

Participate in an Affiliate Program
With a target audience in mind as well as a platform on which to continue publishing content, the next step is to join an affiliate marketing programme that is relevant to your niche. Simply look into brands in your niche to see if they have affiliate programmes that you can join.

Create Outstanding Content
Poorly written content and unorganised affiliate link placement wouldn't convert your audience into customers. To earn the trust of their existing audience, a successful affiliate marketer takes priority in connecting and engaging with them.

Increase Traffic to Your Affiliate Site
Once you've gathered a significant amount of published content, it's time to direct traffic to your affiliate site. This is necessary in order to generate leads, increase conversions as well as attract potential customers.

Your Affiliate Links Should Be Hidden
The next important step in optimising your affiliate marketing efforts is link cloaking, which is the process of hiding an affiliate ID from a URL by redirecting it to another URL.

Evaluate Your Affiliate Campaigns
Properly checking affiliate links is important for developing an effective revenue-generating strategy. This involves keeping track of the most popular visual elements, links, and pages in terms of traffic and sales.

Increase Your Earnings
Although the above mentioned steps will support you in starting an affiliate marketing campaign, there is no certainty that it will generate affiliate income. In addition to tracking the links, you must constantly optimise your marketing efforts to increase affiliate income.

We at DigiDwar will provide you with all the details of affiliate marketing right from the scratch. Join us to learn more about types of affiliate marketing, different affiliate marketing platforms, affiliate marketing strategies, tips for affiliate marketing and benefits of affiliate marketing.