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What is Lead Generation - Channels, Tools, Strategy


Lead Generation: DigiDwar

When you hear the phrase "lead generation," a number of channels come to mind. There are numerous options available, including traditional television and radio advertisements as well as modern social media platforms. Lead generation digital marketing is a solution that can keep you and your company out of the shadows of annoying or aggressive sales tactics using different lead generation ways and DigiDwar will help you learn all about the lead generation process.

What is Lead?

A lead is a potential visitor who comes to your website, expresses interest in your services or products, and provides their contact information voluntarily

When a visitor performs one of these things, they become a lead:

1. Sign up for a free trial, webinar, and product demonstration.
2. Fill out the lead capture form and actively provide their contact information.
3. Call or send you an email to learn more about your products and services.

The essential contact information they provide is a potential 'lead', because they have interest in your company, the possibility of a sale and conversion is higher. The goal is to generate a constant flow of leads to help your company succeed.

There are 4 types of Leads:

1. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) 2. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) 3. Product Qualified Lead (PQL) 4. Service Qualified Lead

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation digital marketing is the process of acquiring visitors and directing them to your product or service using various marketing strategies. This process is completed when a visitor signs up for a service as well as requests more information on the website by entering their contact information. Lead generation ways are very similar to the ancient practice of bartering. In today's digital world, this is where people exchange their contact information for something valuable such as access to a webinar, a free consultation, coupons, or an eBook.

As a result, lead generation process refers to creating and nurturing a connection with your lead in order to provide valuable, user-specific content that will attract them to become a paid customer for your company. As your customers progress from strangers to leads, you build credibility and trust in the direction of the ideal customer experience. That generally resonates better, and that is exactly what lead generation B2B is.

Lead Generation Channels

Following are the list of some lead generation channels or lead generation platforms:

Television/Newspaper Ads

Traditional advertising methods, such as television commercials, newspaper ads, billboards, and so on, are still effective in reaching a large number of people. Customers who are interested can then contact you.


Events can be an excellent way to connect with people who are interested in your company. Seminars, conferences, and other events can help gather information about opportunities and strengthen relationships with them.


Contacts can be easily converted into leads using email marketing. The emails must be interesting and informative. This can persuade the recipient to proceed with the sales process.

Social Media

Social media can help you reach a large number of prospects, which can be beneficial for online lead generation. You can use social networks to capture leads but also direct them to your website, blog, or other resources for more information.

Lead Generation Tools

Following are the list of some of the best lead generation tools:


Leadfeeder tells you which companies come to your site even if they never complete a form or contact you. It also shows contact information for the company's employees. This allows you to contact visitors who have never asked about your product or to time your visibility to possible leads in your sales pipeline.


Overloop comes with everything you need to run a multi-channel outbound campaign. A chrome extension, email finder, the capacity to import contacts from LinkedIn, CSV import, custom fields, as well as contact management are among their list building and contact management features.

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is one of the best lead generation tools that assists businesses in utilising data and analytics to build lists and connect with prospects more quickly. Informed conversations, real-time notifications, automated workflow software, and personalised buyer intent data are some of the features.


You can convert as well as monetize your site traffic with OptinMonster. Stop losing visitors using the most powerful conversion optimization toolkit on the web, you can quickly grow your email list, get more leads, as well as increase sales. Using OptinMonster in marketing strategy improves lead generation B2B.


This is a very effective tool as by just typing in the person's name and company, Hunter can help you find emails. You can also search for all emails from a particular company. The tool is free to use for up to 25 email searches as well as 50 email verifications per month. Paid plans begin at $49 per month. Hunter is a well-known B2B lead generation platform.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a sales tool that assists in the discovery of email addresses. Just enter the name of the person you want to see an email for, as well as the company they work for, and Norbert will find the email address for you. It is also possible to identify emails in bulk.


Reply is an all-in-one team engagement platform. The Chrome extension allows you to quickly find prospect emails on LinkedIn, keeping your pipeline full. You can either manually look up the necessary contacts or use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to source emails in bulk.


We all know that social media platforms rule the world, and Skrapp is no exception. Skrapp, and more specifically Skrapp.io, is a tool for locating someone's LinkedIn email address.


AeroLeads makes it simpler than ever to find prospect contact information. Simply sign up, install their Chrome plugin, search LinkedIn, AngelList, and other similar sites, and add potential leads to AeroLeads.

Lead Generation Strategies

Following are some lead generation strategies or lead generation ways to improve brand image and sales:

Make useful content

The most effective way to attract new leads is to provide useful content that educates your target audience. Blog posts, case studies, and FAQs are all examples of website content lead generation techniques. Answering frequent questions as well as positioning your brand like a thought leader will help you attract new customers in a number of different ways.

Retarget website visitors

Most people who visit your website will not convert into leads right away and that's fine! Rather than giving up, use retargeting to stay in the top. While paid advertising could be targeted to almost any number of criteria (like location or social media likes), retargeting shows ads to people who have previously visited your site. Although both general and retargeted ads have some success, the average click-through rate (CTR) for the most ads is 0.07%, whereas the average CTR for retargeted ads is 10 times higher (0.7%).

Do Email marketing to make new contacts

Email is one of the most effective lead generation techniques. In fact, 42% of businesses consider email marketing to be their most effective lead generation channel. An email marketing lead generation campaign could include providing a free download in return for an email address, then following up with a welcome email and encouraging the customer with a drip campaign that shows the value of your product or service.

Do a live chat to interact with visitors

Live chat is an excellent way to increase lead generation on your website. People who visit your website frequently have questions before making a purchase. Instead of bouncing without leaving their information, live chat is one of the simplest ways to engage visitors with your company and capture their interest. Customers also appreciate the opportunity to ask questions right away.

Close attention to SEO

Search engine optimization may not appear to be one of the most attractive lead generation strategies, but it is extremely effective. SEO is the process of making your site more search engine friendly, which includes adding specific keywords, increasing "authority" through backlinks from many other sites, and improving content quality.

Create referral programmes

Customers who really like your product are an excellent source of high-quality leads. Since they are familiar with your product, they are likely to refer you to friends, family, and coworkers who have similar problems. Rather than waiting for customers to do the work, create a referral programme that makes it simple for them to refer your product to their network.

Create multimedia content

Our online interactions are shifting away from text and more towards other forms of media. Podcasts and video content are extremely popular across all categories. When done correctly, video can both attract new audiences and nurture existing ones.


Guide You in Staying Ahead of Your Competition
According to one study, more than 60% of online generated leads have been two times more profitable than traditional sales leads. As a result, lead generation assists you in calculating the market situation in an extremely cost-effective manner and in staying ahead of the competition.

Boosts Profile-Sales Ratio
Did you know that more than 55% of brands spend half of their marketing budgets to lead generation? This is because one of the most huge advantages of using B2B lead generation is an increase in sales of your products or services. Companies which use lead generation plans are much more likely to make more sales by converting leads into full-fledged paid customers, ultimately increasing the business's profit margin.

Recognize Your Ideal Customers
Lead generation allows you to target your ideal customers using demographic and geographic criteria. This allows you to identify potential sales areas and target those audiences. Before approaching leads, the sales team can even conduct detailed research on them.

Less expensive than other forms of advertising
A business must promote itself in order to succeed in any market. With so many options for promotion, it is critical for businesses to select marketing tactics that are both cost-effective as well as produce better results. Lead generation is far less expensive than traditional sales methods and produces far better results. According to a survey, the cost of a Facebook ad campaign is 2.07% higher than the cost of basic lead generation tools.

Create Awareness
Brand awareness measures how well your brand is recognised in your target markets. It is when buyers consider you when they want to make a purchase in your company's product category. In fact, companies that engage in social selling (brand awareness) see a 199% increase in ROI. The more people who are aware of your brand, the better your reputation and brand value will be. Lead generation B2B is an excellent method for increasing brand awareness by educating your target audience about your products and services.

What is CRM?

Customer relationships have always been essential for the success of companies across all industries. CRM tools are meant to help businesses in more effectively managing these relationships. Access to customer data in one location improves day-to-day efficiency and enhances deeper customer relationships.

CRM, in addition to contact management tool features, provides task and activity tracking, which helps all members of the team stay on the same page. It also allows you to take notes, share updates, track pending tasks, and monitor the status of business operations. CRM can remove the need for manual data entry by automatically collecting data. Furthermore, the remote access provided by a CRM tool allows everyone to stay up to date on information while on the go.

Does Your Company need Lead Generation CRM?

A CRM tool can assist you in capturing and converting leads. Furthermore, it helps you keep these customers in the long run. It can assist you in increasing your productivity and closing more deals. Knowing your team's pain points as well as your business objectives can help you decide whether investing in a CRM is beneficial to your company.

With us at DigiDwar you will learn each and everything about the lead generation techniques, lead generation tools, lead generation strategies and how to convert potential customers into permanent clients with a deep practical knowledge of the lead generation process with the help of our lead generation digital marketing experts.